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Fully Customizable Heavy Hauling Trailers

All lowboy trailers can carry loads up to a maximum 12 ft high in the US. They are known as low loaders in the United Kingdom.


Lowboy Trailer Dimensions: GTBN352-45-24-SG


The GTBN352-45-24-SG is a 35 ton non-ground bearing detachable gooseneck (removable). The load capacity is 70,000# and it has 2 axles. It has an overall length of 43' 3". The load deck (loadwell) is 24' (288") in length and 8'6" wide.


Other features include 2 inch Oak lumber decking and 28 12" outriggers (14 per side). There are 14 D-Rings; 6 on each side of the main deck and 1 on each side of the rear deck.


It has 25,000# capacity axles (16.5” x 7” air brakes). The unimount wheels have 255/70R X22.5 "H" load range steel belted tires. Other features are modular wire harness and lighting mounted in rubber grommets to DOT standards.



Lowboy Trailer Dimensions: GTBN503-50-24-SG


The GTBN503-50-24-SG is a 50 ton detachable gooseneck. The maximum payload is 100,000lbs n a 16' load concentration. It has 3 axles with an overall lenth of 49'4". It possesses a self contained hydraulic system. Other features include a four or seven position ride height modifier (increments are 2”).


The unit can be used on rough terrain and off road work. The GTBN503-50-24-SG has an air-operated gooseneck safety lock component. The locking mechanism makes the it safer for the operator to work and easier to use. All gooseneck operations are controlled from a central control panel on the gooseneck side




Lowboy Trailer Dimensions: GTBN603-53-26-HGG


The GTBN603-53-26-HGG is a 60 ton detachable gooseneck. The load capacity is 120,000lbs in a 12' concentration. This trailer has 3 axles. The overall length is 52'8". The GTBN603-53-26-HGG has a 30,000lb air ride suspension. The load deck (loadwell) is 26'0" X 5'6" wide. Customers can order these trailers in different lengths and widths.


There are 16 D-Ring tie downs; 6 on each side of the load deck and 2 on each side of the rear deck. The GTBN603-53-26-HGG has 3 25,000lb capacity axles with the third being a lift axle. The air brakes are 16.5” x 7” with 275/70R X22.5 "H" load range steel belted tires. The lighting is mounted in rubber grommets to DOT specifications. The rear bridge is ready for attaching a stinger or the flip axle. The unit is powdercoated to the color of the clients choice.

Every industry has different needs. 'Stock' trailers always fall short. Your job calls for specific tasks. You need a trailer that is built for you and to your specifications.


Globe Trailers produces a full line of 35 to 100 ton lowboys as well as Demolition Dumps, Tag-A-Long, Hydraulic Tails and other heavy equipment hauling trailers.


Go online to and build your next trailer with our revolutionary Trailer Builder. You’ll be able to add just the right features for your needs.


It's easy and fast. Just go to, choose just the right trailer options for you and when you're finished.... you get a quote in your email.

Other Features of Lowboy Trailers


Lowboy's have an enormous range of options available. Buyers will look to have the features that suite their industry best. For example, some may need additional D-Rings or D-Rings in different loacations. Some may want a different type of flooring such as apitong or rumber.


Pony motors are a popular option for lowboy owners. It give them the freedom of independant hydraulic operation.  Below is a full list of options and accessories offered by Globe Trailers.




80 Ton Lowboy with Hydraulic Flip Axle, Apitong Floor, Transition Ramps and Flip Box


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